Densely populated areas, subways that stretch for miles, and the Statue of Liberty are usually what come to mind if you were to think about the Big Apple. Thanks to that population, though, you’ll never run out of restaurant recommendations and that one place to visit which that taxi driver swears ‘serves the best pizza in the five boroughs’. If you’re in the mood for something truly unique, however, check out these top 7 fun restaurants in NYC that will offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Ellen’s Stardust Diner

If you’ve been looking up lists for places that promise a fun experience, there’s a decent chance that Ellen’s Stardust Diner was mentioned in the list. To get the gist: it’s basically a stardust themed restaurant where the waiters are on Broadway, and will sing whatever you want while you enjoy some junk food with the kids.

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Get a taste of Italy right here in NYC. Eataly promises to be one of the best fun restaurants in NYC- it is like the Mecca of everything Italy. You can devour everything from dreamy pastas to the ultimate slice of the best pizzas you would ever find! Plus, they also have some fun experiences there for you to enjoy every once in a while! 

The Jones

Known for its fresh fish sandwiches, The Jones is another must visit if you’re looking for fun restaurants in NYC. They also have a delicious broth if you’re looking for some comfort food, and some delicious standard breakfast items worth digging into. 


Right from the light starters like kerala chicken fry and idli nuggets to the kothu paratha and rice pilafs, everything Indian served here at Khiladi is lip smacking delicious. They also have shareable plates, which makes it awesome if you’re just looking to sample a bit before you dive right into it, which of course, you will! 

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Sofreh is one of the best recent openings in NYC, and undoubtedly, another amazing place to visit if you’re looking to take your taste buds for a ride! The restaurant focuses mainly on Persian food, so get ready to dig into some kofteh or some pomegranate flavored beef kebabs! 

Ugly Baby

If you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone and wait in a long line to test your spice tolerance, Ugly Baby is a must visit. The Thai food they serve here is mind-blowing, and yes of course, spicy! Even the seemingly milder choices on the menu like the duck salad will be hot! But it is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for fun restaurants in NYC. 


If the right ambience always seems to put you in a good mood to enjoy the food that you’re eating, Ninja is the place to go to! Navigate through the spooky castle like halls and wooden bridges to find your table at Ninja, where you can enjoy some good Japanese food, obviously served by black masked martial artists. 

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Fun Restaurants in NYC