Planning a trip to Europe anytime soon? You might want to have all your essentials packed and ready to go. What what what exactly do you need for the trip? Keep reading to find out just that and lots more. We’ve got you a quick list of the 7 things to buy before traveling to Europe. 

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This one’s on top of the list and for a good reason. Carrying 4-5 pairs of good quality, comfortable socks is recommended. Lightweight merino wool socks are often the best choice. If you’re traveling during the winter months, heavier, thicker socks would be better. 
Avoid cotton socks since they tend to absorb all the moisture, and may also lead to blisters and foul odor. 


Lightweight sweaters are perfect for Europe’s cooler nights. they are also great for layering up, since they’re so versatile and go with almost anything. Make sure you carry at least a couple of them in your luggage. 

Organizational Cubes

Organizational and packing cubes and absolute travel essential and obviously it made it to our list of the best things to buy before traveling to Europe. You can use different packing cubes for different garments- shirts, trousers, underwear and everything else. Traveling and sorting things out becomes much easier that way.


Europe tends to be wet pretty much throughout the year and that is exactly why it makes sense to carry a light rain jacket. If you are traveling during the cooler months you might want to carry a rain jacket to protect yourself from the cold. 

Neck Wallet

Europe, being one of the most popular holiday destinations, is known for its pickpockets. If you’re visiting some of the major attractions in the country you might want to carry a neck wallet. You can use the neck wallet to store everything from cash to credit cards and even your hotel keys. What’s best is the fact that you can easily hide it under your shirt as well.

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Comfy Shoes

When you are in Europe you need to carry a good pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes to keep you going with all the sightseeing. If you are looking to invest in a good pair of shoes consider getting your hands on a waterproof variety or ones that have an all terrain sole.  


Last but not the least on a list is a backpack or a daypack. With a daypack you can carry around your important stuff easily with you without having to hold them in your hands. It certainly does make travel a lot easier especially when you are navigating and exploring the streets on foot. 

Done with all these? You’re pretty much sorted. Here are a few other things to buy before traveling to Europe. 

things to buy before traveling to Europe