Silver Car Rental Hack

Here’s a really cool rental car hack that you need to check out. Instead of the traditional, boring, and not to mention, frustrating model of popular rental car agencies, Silvercar by Audi is doing things differently and better. 

First, and this is obvious, but you get to drive an Audi. How awesome is that? There are four models to choose from in the premium brand’s lineup. The A4 Sedan, Audi Q5 and Q7 SUVs as well as the A5 Cabriolet. All models come equipped with Audi’s Premium Plus trim packages. 

No one hates waiting in line after a long flight more than I do. And Instead of waiting in line, Silvercar provides a mobile app to book, manage and unlock your Audi. No paperwork, no hassle. Finally, someone is doing it right!

But it doesn’t stop there. We all hate the upsell; Especially when all we want to do is get the hell out of the rental car center. Silvercar makes this process hassle free too. Need extras? They got the extras! Choose from: Child seats, ski and surfboard racks, in-car, XM Sirius radio, and get this, in car WiFi! Silvercar, you had me at hello. This is especially important for anyone visiting from overseas and new to any one of 26 different Silvercar American cities. Just keep in mind these extras are available by request on a first come first serve basis.So how does Silvercar compare in price to the familiar car rental agencies? I put them to the test in six randomly chosen Silvercar cities and with extras, Silvercar was by far the better value. You not only get a premium brand vehicle, but the time you save is worth the sign up alone. Check out to learn more and use this exclusive code (AWUMFBXQ) to earn $25 in Silvercar Credit after your first rental.