california road trip with kids

Planning a California road trip with kids and worried about how crazy it’s possibly going to be? Don’t worry! We have you covered with some of the coolest tricks out there to help you maintain your sanity and have a great time too! 
Just follow these actionable tips and you should be sorted. 

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Planning Right!

Plan in advance- this little trick works wonders whether you have kids along or not. Set the itinerary, the places and attractions you would be covering and set a modest time frame for each. Avoid being overly ambitious about the number of places you’ll cover when you have kids along. 

Plan your pit stops wisely- be prepared that you will need to have these more often than you would if you would have gone for a solo road trip or just with your partner, but hey, it really helps having children who are well fed and behaved as opposed to cranky and claustrophobic kids in the back of your car. 

Stocking Up!

Carry along some toys. This one’s pretty obvious, and is one of the few foolproof ways to make your California road trip with kids a lot easier and stress free. Look up some good travel games that you all could play together. Attempt to keep the screen time to a minimum. 

Stock up on the snacks- with kids along, you’re probably going to need a lot of these, and yes, they really help when it comes to keeping your kids busy. It is obviously best to choose healthy snacks (nuts, homemade granola bars or muffins or fresh fruit)

Download essential apps in advance- believe it or not, having some of these apps handy and installed on your phone can really help you on your California road trip with kids. You can do everything from searching for a nearby gas station to booking a hotel at the last minute to finding the perfect place to eat. 

Keep the car sickness at bay- have your kids take the meds before getting started and carry along some extra meds too.

And now for some tips and tricks to help you when you actually get there.

Making the Most of Your Time

Take advantage of theme parks and programs to keep your kids entertained. The California State park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, SeaWorld, LEGO Land are all good choices. 

If money isn’t a problem, there’s a good way to maximize the time you spend at theme parks. By booking your stay at one of their on-site hotels, you can take advantage of their 1 hour earlier entry and have your kids enjoy their time without being overwhelmed by the crowd and long lines. 

Enjoy local snacks and the food scene- visit farmer’s markets and get your little ones to discover the fresh produce while also enjoying the live music and local crafts and creations most of them feature! 

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