How to Use Google Flights

First a little history. Google bought a company called ITA Software years ago for close to 800 million dollars. Google flights now incorporate data from ITA Software into Google Flight search results. However, I still like to use ITA Software as well as Google’s Flight Search because I get a lot of results that I can’t find elsewhere using their advanced search.

For this article, I’ll explain how to benefit from Google Flights and how you can use it to your advantage to find some amazing airfares and travel deals. 

When and Where to use the Google Flight Hack

While this travel hacks works really well for North American flights, I have also had success using it for flights in and out of Asia and Europe. 

To access Google Flights, simply go to Google from any Internet browser and type the word “flights”. Press “Return” and you will see a flight search tool that looks like this.

I am searching from Brisbane, Australia for this example, and your results should show your current city. 

There are some really cool airfare search hacks you can perform with this tool that you might not be aware of. For example, in the Destination Field, you do not have to put in a city. Google Flights allows you to also put in a Country. This way you can see airfare for every major city in that particular country. The reason I want it is because it gives me the ability to decide which city to fly to. If a city in another country is going to be a shorter distance and cheaper, I’ll want to buy it and then book another ticket domestically to my destination, possibly saving hundreds of dollars. Again, it does not happen all the time and flexibility is key. If you can search airfare deals over different dates you will get different results. 

Notice the country and currency options on the bottom of the form.

But don’t limit yourself to a city or a country. You can in fact search by region. Such as North America, Asia, Europe, and of course, leave the Destination field blank to search for ALL destinations on the map.

When you conduct a google flight search, the major cities will display on the map, and you can zoom in to see other cities.

I also like to search one way flights as well as check on flights in business and first class as pricing mistakes do show up from time to time in all classes of service. Buying a first class or business class ticket for cheaper than an economy class ticket is always a treat. While it is rare to find a business or first class ticket cheaper than economy class, it does and can happen. The important thing to remember here is that if I have variables to check, I’m definitely going to try every variable possible to see if I get better results, and Google Flights is going to allow me that ability. In another blog post, I’ll show you some other cool tools you can try to get different results so that you can compare with Google Flights.

Besides airfare, you can also use the Google Flights tool to search for hotels and trips, but I mainly use it as a flight search tool.