Planning a trip to India anytime soon? Not sure what to expect when you get there? We have you covered! Read on to discover everything you need to know about India, its culture and what you should expect if it is your first time there.

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It’ll Be Hot

One of the most important things you should remember while planning a trip to India is that you need to pack clothes that are appropriate for the summer as it can get pretty hot and humid in most regions in India regardless of the season. 

It Can Get Noisy

Isn’t what you would call a quiet country. Here, you can expect to be bombarded with everything from loudspeakers and construction noises to the incessant honking of the hundreds of driver stuck in the narrow lanes and roads, it can all get a bit intimidating at some point. 

It’ll Be Affordable

If you’re planning a budget friendly trip, India is the place to go to because everything you come across here is extremely cheap. Infact, some backpackers have even survived and entire day in just a measly budget of $15. How cool is that?

You’ll Need to Be Careful

India is a developing country and naturally you need to be extra cautious travelling, eating or doing anything else. While most of the people here are friendly, there is also a lot of poverty, which is why it is best to exercise caution while making any deals. 

The Food is Great

One of the best things you can expect when you are planning a trip to India is that you can take your taste buds for a ride while you’re here, exploring the culinary scene. Whether you are a vegetarian or just trying to sample some of the local street food, there’s loads here to discover and taste. 

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You’ll Need to Book in Advance 

It is always best to book things in advance when you are planning a trip to India be it flight tickets, hotel reservations, local transport reservations and more. 

Traveling Can be Tricky

Last, but not the least, when you’re planning a trip to India, remember that traveling can be a bit tricky. You can opt for trains, buses, cabs and auto rickshaws. Each one will have a unique experience to offer to you. India’s variety of transportation has its pros and cons, but you you haven’t truly experienced India until you have taken a ride in at least one of them.

All in all it is best to go there with no expectations and with an open frame of mind to avoid any disappointments. It also helps to be more cautious while you are here. And of course, learning some basic Hindi is always a good idea. 

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